Judge Dismisses Trump’s Law Suit Comparing It to Frankenstein’s Monster

By: November 23, 2020
People gather as they celebrate media announcing that Democratic U.S. presidential nominee Joe Biden has won the 2020 U.S. presidential election, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 7, 2020. Photo By Rachel Wisniewski

On Saturday the federal judge handling President Donald Trump’s attempt to disenfranchise voters and overturn the election results in Pennsylvania has dismissed the case. The judge went on to say that the campaign’s request to toss out nearly 7 million votes “is simply not how the Constitution works”.

The federal judge on Saturday dismissed a lawsuit critical to President Donald Trump’s long-shot bid to overturn his Nov. 3 election loss to Democratic President-elect Joe Biden, calling his legal claim a “Frankenstein’s Monster.”

As President Trump’s Lawsuits fail over and over and over again he is still unwilling to except reality. In this slapdash effort the Trump campaign is now trying to prevent state officials from certifying the results of the election.

For Trump to have any hope of overturning the election, he would need to reverse the outcome in Pennsylvania, which is scheduled to be certified by state officials Today.