It Turns Out Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

By: November 8, 2020

Facts, science and truth has won over monumental, unyielding mess. People know what fundamental truths are. There will be push back but ultimately diversity has always won in this country.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

People are happy in the street and that is something to be excited about. We have never seen anything like this election and America won because democracy was robust.

74 million American voices have been heard and a new chapter of this country begins.

Trump will be filing with the courts to have the election over turned, but we have had a good clean election and it has been show that he has no basis.

Certainly a quick transition would be in the favor of this country as this virus continues to attack all of us and all of us have to attack it. But how, with such a divided country with so much pain and anger?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are off to a good start by sounding a resonating cord with the American people. Joe says he will be a president for all Americans not just blue states or red states.