Favianna Rodriguez Visualizes Social Justice

By: June 14, 2020

Art can play a critical role in supporting positive change. It gives artist a platform to expose the truth and fight for justice. Print making has a history of being very accessible and a democratic medium. A print is a multiple, meaning it can be reproduced by the hundreds and is a powerful social justice tool.

The Pecan Resist campaign created by Ben & Jerry’s launched back in 2018 to help fight injustice is even more relevant today in 2020. Favianna Rodriguez is the campaign artist. She is an award winning visual artist and activist. Her powerful art and message is creating lasting change throughout the world.

2018 Ben & Jerry’s Pecan Resist Campaign by Favianna Rodrigues

Favianna says, “We believe that our work as artists is to help other people imagine the future, and also to show human stories that can help us understand the lived experiences of others.”

Power 2020 by Favianna Rodrigues

Favianna gives a colorful depiction and captures the assents of what creating a welcoming, inclusive, and just society could feel like.