Australian Photographer Sharron Leppien

By: June 17, 2020

Her winning image, Boy with Tyre photo, captured in Madagascar, is like an iconic scene out of a Hollywood movie.The young boy rolling a tyre in the foreground brings a cohesive juxtaposition of the immense Baobab trees with a peaceful narrative.

2019 Boy with Tyre by Favianna Rodrigues

When the monsoon season is on a break these Sumatran riders take their “Pacu Jawi” for a lap through rice paddies. Sharron captured the essences of this event as they show off the strength of the highly prized and cared for cattle and the skill of the riders.

2019 Sumatran Riders by Favianna Rodrigues

Sharron says, “Thinking fast and always being prepared is the life of a traveling photographer. Changing light, changing situations and the ever changing terrain when traveling is a challenge that can only be conquered by planning ahead. I may have an idea of what I could be photographing on a particular day but, people and the ever changing environment can throw a myriad of thrills and surprises that only with experience can be dealt with successfully.”

Sharron Leppien is an Australian photographer and was recently honored to be the first woman ever elected as the Chairman of the Maitland International Salon of Photography since it was incorporated in 1953.

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