Jimmy Fallon Does A 73 Questions Vogue Parody of Harry Styles

By: November 23, 2020

The singer, songwriter, musician, actor, comic and fashonesta Harry Styles becomes Vogue’s first solo male cover in Vogue’s 108 years history.

Without skipping a beat Jimmy Fallon does a hilarious montage of the Vogue interview with Harry. In this December 2020 issue of Vogue Harry wears a dress for the cover. It gives us a glimpse into who Harry is.

As a kid Harry enjoyed dressing up and role playing. Harry has a real appreciation for fashion and is enthusiastic for the opulent element of the arts.

The short comedic skit is a spin on Vogue’s popular series in which they ask celebrities around their home 73 questions.

As Jimmy is a big fan of Harry and has worked with him on Saturday Night Live, he was the perfect person for the strikingly accurate philosophical responses.