Shaping Art & Design With The Golden Ratio

It turns out our math teachers were right. Math is everywhere and you can’t escape it. The geometry of the Golden Ratio is evidence of maths ubiquity. The Golden Ratio turned a simple portrait of a lady i.e. the Mona Lisa, into one of the most famous paintings ever. Leonardo Da Vinci called the Golden […] More

Maxfield Parrish: A Business Man With A Brush

It was the Golden Age of Illustration and Maxfield Parrish was one of the most popular. His trademarks were lush gardens, fetching young women on rocks and his famous Parrish blue color. “A short, puckish man with piercing blue eyes, who painted the stuff dreams are made of.” said Bruce Watson in the July 1999 […] More

Australian Photographer Sharron Leppien

Her winning image, Boy with Tyre photo, captured in Madagascar, is like an iconic scene out of a Hollywood movie.The young boy rolling a tyre in the foreground brings a cohesive juxtaposition of the immense Baobab trees with a peaceful narrative. 2019 Boy with Tyre by Favianna Rodrigues When the monsoon season is on a […] More

Favianna Rodriguez Visualizes Social Justice

Art can play a critical role in supporting positive change. It gives artist a platform to expose the truth and fight for justice. Print making has a history of being very accessible and a democratic medium. A print is a multiple, meaning it can be reproduced by the hundreds and is a powerful social justice […] More

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