The Calming Power Of Waves

Photography of Adrian Diaz-Sieckel Be it the soothing surges present in a lazy surf, the rippling impact of a mountain stream, or the majestic break of a wave hitting a rocky shoreline, there is little doubt of the highly effective calming effects of water. When one thing so simple as water has such a robust […] More

Sydney Kennett Takes Indoor Skydiving To The Next Freestyle Level

Sydney Kennett is among the world’s finest indoor skydivers. The 14-year-old champion strikes with the grace of a ballerina inside wind tunnels that propel air in excess of 100 miles per hour. Sydney holds quite a few high prizes at competitions all over the world, and she’s even a Guinness World Record holder. More

Shaping Art & Design With The Golden Ratio

It turns out our math teachers were right. Math is everywhere and you can’t escape it. The geometry of the Golden Ratio is evidence of maths ubiquity. The Golden Ratio turned a simple portrait of a lady i.e. the Mona Lisa, into one of the most famous paintings ever. Leonardo Da Vinci called the Golden […] More

Maxfield Parrish: A Business Man With A Brush

It was the Golden Age of Illustration and Maxfield Parrish was one of the most popular. His trademarks were lush gardens, fetching young women on rocks and his famous Parrish blue color. “A short, puckish man with piercing blue eyes, who painted the stuff dreams are made of.” said Bruce Watson in the July 1999 […] More

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